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Brock Lesnar v. Strikeforce?

August 12, 2009

Strikeforce has done it now! They’ve woken the sleeping giant. UFC President Dana White is going at them now with both barrels. MMA fans will now have a choice this weekend: they can watch Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg in the first ever major show headlined by women, OR they can watch select bouts from UFC 100 on SPIKE TV. The show was headlined by a UFC Heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir.

The UFC now seems likely to counter program any major card by a competitor. It made a similar move last year when it went head to head with Affliction: Banned. In that case, the UFC actually aired a live Fight Night card. Although this show isn’t big enough to warrant it, I suspect Fedor Emelianenko’s debut in October will be met with stiffer resistance.


Fedor Saga: Winners and Losers

August 7, 2009

Our own Jonathan Snowden has the story over at Fox Sports

While this move certainly changes the MMA landscape, it creates as many questions as it provides answers.

Was it a mistake for the UFC to let Emelianenko slip through its hands? Will Strikeforce regret the terms they’ve agreed to in exchange for the bragging rights associated with having the world’s best heavyweight on their roster? What about the fans?

In every deal, there are winners and losers. Let’s look in depth at this one.

Interestingly, Snowden has the UFC in both the winners and losers columns. A complicated analysis of a complicated story.

Jim Cornette on Lesnar: He Gets Heat Everywhere He Goes

August 6, 2009


Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette had a tough job when he ran Ohio Valley Wrestling. He had to get social misfits like Brock Lesnar ready for a hard and stressful job in pro wrestling. Cornette is one of the best talkers in wrestling history and appeared on Who’s Slamming Who on the Pod-o-matic online service to explain why Brock Lesnar was a great heel in real life, bigger than he ever could have been in wrestling.


Final Word on Fedor: What Happened and Why.

August 3, 2009


Our own special contributor Jonathan Snowden has a new article up at Inside Fights detailing how the UFC failed to come to terms with MMA’s hottest free agent.

Video of Dana-Fedor meeting?

August 1, 2009

Someone just emailed me this clip of Dana and Fedor meeting face-to-face in a UFC ring to discuss the future. While the quality isn’t great, you can tell that Dana is very aggressive about the money issue while Fedor seems apprehensive about the whole thing.

Video after the jump. (more…)

Fight Network: Inside Fedor Negotiations

July 30, 2009


Jonathan Snowden was on FIGHT Network radio today discussing this story and has this story up as well, detailing the latest.

Latest on Fedor

July 30, 2009


From our own Jonathan Snowden:

-Offer was only for three fights, not six as originally reported.

-The guarantee per fight was *less* than Fedor’s contract with Affliction.

Details of the UFC’s Offer to Fedor

July 30, 2009


Unless you’ve been hiding under your limited edition PRIDE rock, you should be aware of the mainstream reports concerning the UFC’s newest attempt to bring the number one heavyweight to their organization.  Earlier today, Fedor’s management acknowledged the negotiations but indicated that while the offer proposed to them was good, they still sought a co-promotion deal between the UFC and the Russian-based M-1.  If you’re wondering who M-1 is, you can probably continue wondering and not be any worse off.  The idea of the UFC co-promoting with M-1 is not something that the UFC would ever be likely to consider, especially considering that M-1’s prior co-promotion deals have ended in the destruction of other organizations.

Here, Carmichael Dave, a CBS radio host and one of Dana White’s favorites in the media, posts on Sherdog about the details of the UFC’s offer to Fedor.  Place your hand under your jaw before it drops:


MMA Reporters: Still Conflicted About Brock

July 30, 2009


Brock Lesnar is a walking and breathing showcase for the power of pro wrestling. He brought some WWE into the UFC and the results speak for themselves: 1.7 million rumored PPV buys for UFC 100. But some MMA reporters still aren’t sure what to think.


M-1 Global: Bad for MMA

July 29, 2009
Vadim and Fedor

Vadim and Fedor

After sitting through a rather excruciating call today where Fedor, or should I say, Fedor’s manager, Vadim Finkelstein and Jerry Millen fielded questions about what Fedor Emelianenko is up to while in the United States. Bloody Elbow‘s updates seem to sum up exactly how much of a waste of time this was;

Update 6: Josh Gross asks why Fedor can’t do the same deal GSP, Anderson Silva, and every other big fighter signs?  Evasive answer.  Why is co-promotion so important?  Answer: M-1 is very big, we develop MMA all over the world.  This is all talking points about M-1 at this point.  It sounds like UFC came forward with a big offer, and now M-1 offered something back very different involving co-promotion.  Amusingly, they say M-1’s goal is to make MMA really popular all over the world.

Update 7: Beau Dure at USA Today asks what co-promotion really means?  Evasive answer.  Personal guess: it rhymes with scribe. Now they’re going on at length about all the shows they are going to promote.  They are just ignoring questions at this point and just talking about whatever they want.  They say negotiations were productive, but they will only work on a co-promotion basis.  Someone asks if he’s leaning toward Strikeforce, and the answer is just that Strikeforce is one of their possible partners.

Update 8: Someone asks about Aleksander’s quote about Vadim, they blow it off.  Nothing is happening on this call, no announcement, it’s just a PR stunt.

I think this can be summed up like such; Vadim and his Russian mafia cohorts are holding the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world hostage to further their own agenda. Never for a minute should anybody believe that M-1 is interested in the betterment of Mixed Martial Arts or what actually happens to Fedor. Fedor is simply the tool in which a bunch of insignificant men can make money and be famous.