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Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#10) Bret Hart vs Owen Hart- WWE World Title Cage Match- SS94

August 15, 2009

Sorry for being a day late with this one.

This was supposed to be the blow-off match to one of the best feuds of the 90s.



WWE Statement on McMahon Senate Run

August 15, 2009


Statement on Linda McMahon and the United States Senate

Linda McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is considering a run for the United States Senate representing the state of Connecticut. Should she decide to run, Linda would step down as CEO, and Vince McMahon would assume the duties of CEO in addition to his current position as WWE Chairman.

Can you imagine how busy the person assigned to do opposition research on the frikkin McMahon family would be? What an amazing thing this would be. With a Senate seat up for grabs, the skeletons would be marching out of the McMahon closet on a regular basis. And if she ran and lost, the WWE skits mocking sub-committees or rehashing the Senate Page Scandal would be epic!

We NEED this to happen.

Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#12) Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar- WWE Championship- SS 03

August 12, 2009

Why in the hell was this match third from the top of the card?!?


Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#13) Undertaker vs Bret Hart, w/guest ref Shawn Michaels- SS 97

August 11, 2009

The main event of Summerslam 1997 featured three of the biggest stars of the late 90s.


WWE Having Trouble Securing Guest Hosts?

August 11, 2009


We had heard that guest hosting RAW was all set to join Letterman and Kimmel as just another stop for movie stars looking to plug their latest films. Instead, the WWE seems to be having problems securing A or even B level talent for this gig. After scoring Shaq and Jeremy Piven, the promotion has been reduced to inbred talent like Sergeant Slaughter and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Prinze is a long time celebrity fan who took his involvement to the next level when he joined the creative team briefly. He hasn’t really been a movie star for years and is best known as “that guy that married Buffy.”

If this experiment is going to work, it has to have name talent, if not everytime, at least more than occasionally. Slaughter and Prinze are not positive signs that the guest host is long for this world.

Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#14) Elimination Chamber- SS 03

August 11, 2009

This was the match where Goldberg realized he was very low on the WWE totem pole.


Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#15) Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy- Hardcore Title Ladder Match- SS 01

August 9, 2009

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the WWE’s Invasion angle was Rob Van Dam.


Jim Ross: Brock not offered $40 million by WWE

August 9, 2009


Jim Ross is back again, blogging like the kids do. In between BBQ plugs, he talks a bit about WWE’s final offer to Brock Lesnar before he left for football, failed, then fell back to MMA.

Yes, the story that I blogged recently about the WWE NOT offering Brock Lesnar something like $40M for a seven year deal is accurate. Those numbers are not even close. Lesnar was likely offered a $1M guarantee with the opportunity to earn much more. There’s a legit chance that Lesnar could have earned close to that much over a 7 year period as he made it north of the $1M mark faster than any one, I think, in WWE history. I think it would be cool to see WWE do a Lesnar DVD and pick up some of his comments from his WWE days and get comments from Lesnar’s WWE peers about their thoughts on Brock then and Brock now. That’s just a suggestion by the way so before the bus runs over me remember the key word here is “suggestion.”

It looks like Lesnar did well to make the move to the UFC. The downside guarantee is a bit higher on that proposed WWE deal, but it would take him much longer to earn the money from the much smaller pot of WWE PPV revenue. Besides, in wrestling he was on the road every night. In the UFC he is at home all but a few weeks out of the year, shooting bears, chopping logs, and making babies. Win-Win for Mr. Lesnar.

Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#16) The Undertaker vs Edge- Hell In a Cell- Summerslam 2008

August 8, 2009

Ah, finally a match featuring Vickie Guerrero!


Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#17) The Rock vs Booker T- WCW World Title- SS 01

August 7, 2009

The main event at WWF Summerslam 2001 was for the WCW World Title. That is still wacky after all these years.