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Hogan’s Back Surgery Photos

August 15, 2009


Of course nothing Hogan does is private. The whole ordeal was filmed for his daughter’s reality TV show.

After a warning that major surgery – with metal rods put in his back – could end his hopes of a grappling comeback, Hulk opted for the lighter laser surgery instead.

The whole procedure was filmed and broadcast on his daughters new reality show, Brooke Knows Best.

The former world champion insisted that he felt better almost immediately after the procedure and proved the Hulk of old was back when he told pal and fellow ex-wrestling star Brian Knobs: “What the f*** are you bringing me flowers for? I’m not your damn girlfriend.”


McMahon Not the Only Wrestler Running For Office

August 15, 2009

Linda McMahon isn’t the only wrestling personality running for office. B. Brian Blair is at it again, running for a Florida House of Representatives seat despite his recent child abuse controversy.

Blair incurred a spate of negative publicity recently when police were called to his home and he was arrested on child abuse charges as result of a domestic argument between him and his sons that turned violent. The charges were dropped, and Blair said he was exonerated, after the state attorney announced the evidence didn’t warrant prosecution on the charges.

One thing about Blair: you know he won’t be soft on crime. Look at how he handles business with his own kids!

Old Mid-South/UWF shows now airing daily on TuffTV

August 12, 2009

TuffTV (whatever that is, the website doesn’t work; it might be one of those networks only on over the air digital subchannels) is now airing old Mid-South shows every day, in order.  There’s a schedule here.

Vince McMoments: Stand Back

August 11, 2009

So, you’re Vince McMahon in 1987.  Your wrestling company is releasing its second record album.  Jim Crockett, the guy you sold the coveted TBS wrestling deal to, is making a desperate national expansion that included buying a dying territory (in the midst of its own desperate national expansion) for millions of dollars so he could then pay millions more for said territory’s TV clearances.  Your next step is obvious.  You record a Jim Crockett diss track under the guise of an Andre the Giant tribute.


Lil Dragon meet Big Dragon

August 10, 2009


Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat teams up with his son Ricky Steamboat JR. Saturday at WWC’s Summer Madness show. They will face Orlando Colon and Hiram Tua.

History of Wrestling: Tommy Rich’s World Title Run

August 10, 2009

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich started his career in 1974 in the Georgia territory at the age of 18. After a few years working the area, he moved on to Memphis, where he wrestled as a heel managed by Jimmy Hart. A year later, he returned to Georgia and redebuted as one of the hottest faces working in the nation.


Greatest Summerslam Matches: (#18) Honky Tonk Man vs Ultimate Warrior- IC Title- SS88

August 6, 2009

On August 29th, 1988 in Madison Square Garden, history was made. An Elvis impersonator was squashed by a jacked-up guy that was gassed by the time he ran to the ring. (more…)

Brutus Beefcake: Shooter

August 6, 2009

wwf brutus beefcake

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, AKA Ed Leslie, a man with steel plates in his face after a tragic parasailing accident (you can’t make this stuff up) was knocked out in less than 30 seconds during a celebrity toughman contest in Philadelphia. If you think Beefcake is stretching the definition of celebrity thin, what can you say about his opponent?

Who is next week’s RAW guest GM?

August 5, 2009

Next week’s WWE Monday Night Raw guest GM has been announced. Who is it?

After the jump. (more…)

Randy Savage shoved a steak down his pants

August 3, 2009

randy savage picture icw playboy robe

I haven’t been keeping up with former USWA referee/manager Scott Bowden’s Kentucky Fried Rasslin columns like I should have, but he’s posted some great stuff recently, including a great column about Randy Savage’s early career, the highlight of which is:

Savage and his rival Garvin (then nicknamed the “One Man Gang”…years before ICW wrestler Crusher Broomfield would use the same moniker as a headliner in the UWF and WWF) often cut televised shoot-like promos on each other, more than a decade before those type of interviews became almost the norm in ECW and WCW. For example, when Savage’s shoplifting arrest for attempting to walk out of a Kentucky supermarket with a steak stuffed down his jeans made the local newspaper, Garvin brought out the clipping on the show to humiliate the so-called heavyweight champion of the world.

If anyone is able to Photoshop a steak into a pic of Savage digging a foreign object out of his trunks from when he won the Intercontinental title, they will be my hero.

Lots of good stuff including some columns about Tampa mayoral candidate Austin Idol at